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Monday, December 29, 2003

OMG!!!!! i saw ROTK!!!! it was soooooo awsome!!!

--i hate andrew--

peley got annoyed at 12:12 AM

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Saturday, December 27, 2003

I'M BACK AT HOME NOW!!!!!! yea! ^.^ don't really have much to write about. christmas was same as always, ah the good old times.. >.< on a bright note, my sister got me prirates and a sweet ass book of greek myths. and i got a kim possible scarf from my sister. and i got a book called "a portrate of a killer" from my sister, it's about jack the ripper. and my sister gave me a gift certificate to white spot. and i got a return of the king callendar from my sister. and a shit load of batteries from my brother. and i know that to most people reading this i may come off as schizophrenic, but it's mainly for can's entertainment cause she's the only one that'll understand it all.

--i hate andrew--

peley got annoyed at 9:44 PM

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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas!

--i hate andrew--

peley got annoyed at 3:19 PM

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Monday, December 22, 2003

i'm still at my parents place. sure they have the internet, but no kazaa. how can i be expected to live like this!! lol j/k a million thx to candace for the music, saved me from utter and complete boredom lol. Small town life is the pits! everything closes at 6 pm... >.< AHHH!! part of me can't wait to get back to the city, and part of me likes being in the middle of no where. other family members are starting to come up for christmas, four siblings are here thus far. the other three will be arriving shortly. the whole family together X_x save me candace... i just want to be left by my self right now.

--i hate andrew--

peley got annoyed at 12:09 PM

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

ok. where to start?!?! first off, i'm no longer working at my crappy-ass job anymore. second, i'm at my parents place right now. i'm going to cry because i can't go see ROTK!!! and won't get to see it 'till it comes out on video... *cries* i have no kazaa. and my little sister is plotting to drive me insane by continuously beating me at monopoly. my life is shit right now.
well, that all for now folks...

--i hate andrew--

peley got annoyed at 9:01 PM

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Thursday, December 11, 2003

WOO HOO!!!! i'm off work... i'm outta here ^____^

... OMG! someone at work got pizza delivered, they have portable visa/debit machines!!! i've never seen one before...

--i hate andrew--

peley got annoyed at 5:13 PM

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Saturday, December 06, 2003

ooooo i have an online diary. this is where i'll rant, poor saps!

peley got annoyed at 8:43 PM

What kind of looter am I? You decide!
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name: Celeste
nicknames: Peley, Pel, Cel, Cellular, Cellphone, Cellulalater, Celerie, Celo, Celophane, Celebrimbor, Selerzly, Soleil, Soulie
birthday: October 31, 1983
location: Canada
things i want: to travel the world

i like: painting, reading, exotic places and new cultures, mythology, clasical music and operas, ploting, preparing for a zombie infestation, throwing chairs off my third floor balcony, making random noises, giving dirty looks to random ppl on the street and saying "ewwww", complaining loudly about how dirty and smelly the guy next to me on the bus is, telling stupid ppl off, giving the finger, saying the words fuck and shit a lot

i hate: mushrooms and pineapple, stupid ignorant ppl, being told how to live my life, spiders, crying and ppl who make me cry, weakness, feeling alone, being helpless

i like: mark rzepka and stuff

i miss: my baby lego, my little hitler will always rule the action figures

i don't like: colin farell (he hit me with his car), george bush, andrew

music i like: KoRn, disturbed, rammstein, linkin park, bach, vivaldi, miyavi, gackt, francis cabrel, l'arc en ciel, malice mizer, massive attack, mudvayne, lost prophets, orbital, paul oakenfold, dido, terry jacks, simon and garfunkel, the flaming lips, the turtles, arrogant worms, and more...

movies/shows i like: evolution, hackers, x-men, pirates of the carribbean, troy ;P, texas chainsaw masacre III: leather face, rurouni kenshin, pet shop of horrors, battle royal, are you being served, keeping up apperances, mash, knights of the zodiac, x-men evolution, teen titans, too wongfoo, thanks for everything,

video games i like: the final fantasies, voodoo vince, devil may cry, legend of zelda: wind waker and twilight princess

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