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Monday, March 08, 2004

mood: kfdjh

they tried to steal my identidy, those bastards! but i stoped them. you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on me... maybe has something to do with my irregular sleeping paterns... i'm back living with my parents. they have a dog, he's just as crazy as i am so it works. promissed to post pics before and can actually follow through this time... i'll post more later...

OMG! kali save me!!! i had a horror movie experience ^_^

on the drive up to my parents place, my mom stoped and asked me to run into the cafe and get some cake for desert tonight. and the cafe is in the same building as a hotel and pub. so i go in and all the lights are off, i'm looking around and calling out hello, it was something straight out of a horor movie. there's this long narrow hall, and i'm looking down it, then the phone for the hotel starts ringing right beside me. scared the crap out of me! so i'm looking in the hotel area. next thing the door behind me opens, again scaring the crap out of me, so i swing around and theres no one there. i'm just freaking out! calling out hello and no one is answering.
so i go through the door, and it leads to the cafe and all the lights are out, and by this time i'm thinkin just forget the damn cake and go back outside. so i go to leave, but i hear noise like a tv down the long dark hall, and against my better judgement i go, freakin out cause i've seen one too many horror movie in my short life, so i get to the end of the hall, and it's the door that leads to the pub. so i go in, and there's all of 3 guys including the bartender. they all stop talk and stat staring at me like i just droped in from outerspace, i was just thinking you ass holes!!! they could have helped me out a little
so turns out the door that opened was the dumbass cook from the cafe looking to see who was saying hello. they had shut down for the day and i didn't get any cake for my mom. it scared the crap out of me at the time, i told my mom the story and she said "of course they looked at you like you were an alien, just look at you." if you think about it to a little hick town i did look pretty weird. i was wearing all black, had black nailpolish on. i was wearing my disturbed hoody. she said they prolly thought i was a hells angel. that was my exciting event for the day.

--i hate andrew--

peley got annoyed at 8:04 PM
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