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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

i'm a little A.D.D. right now... heres how my brain is working (one topic to the other):


KalikaSaiyajin: me posting is making me insane
peley13: hahaha
peley13: posting is the only thing keeping me sane ^_^
KalikaSaiyajin: lol
KalikaSaiyajin: heh
KalikaSaiyajin: its fun
peley13: unhuh ^____________^ booya ^_^
KalikaSaiyajin: ohh
KalikaSaiyajin: >_> someones offering me a nm headband
KalikaSaiyajin: lol
peley13: what?
peley13: O_O
KalikaSaiyajin: heh
KalikaSaiyajin: if i take his offer, ill sell it to you for 5k
KalikaSaiyajin: :P
peley13: really
peley13: dude...
peley13: my brain was going in a million diferent directions, and then you said that and all of the sudden everything came to a sudden halt... like you know when a car hits the brakes really hard alll of the sudden lol
peley13: haha
KalikaSaiyajin: lol
KalikaSaiyajin: yeah
KalikaSaiyajin: hehe
peley13: you causeded a major car crash in my head LMAO!!! it seriously feels that way.... all the thoughts came to a crashing halt lol
KalikaSaiyajin: *laughs* youre a crazy
KalikaSaiyajin: lol
peley13: yuppers ^__^
peley13: the pile up is clearing now and trafic flow is resuming it's crazy rush hour pace ^_^
KalikaSaiyajin: hehe, yay
KalikaSaiyajin: no crashing lol
peley13: and no thoughts were killed, nor were there any serious injuries. only a few minor cuts and bruises
KalikaSaiyajin: gackt is bleeding, you must nurse him
KalikaSaiyajin: lol
peley13: gacktypooh!!!!! i must make him feel better! i told him to stay safe at home in my brain, not to go out at rush hour. bbut would he listen to me!!!! noooooooooooo, cause he's a guy and does whatever he damn well pleases!!!
peley13: oh, there i go studering again...
KalikaSaiyajin: LOL
KalikaSaiyajin: ah man
peley13: hehe
KalikaSaiyajin: *dances*
peley13: *listens to techno/rave music to go with teh pace of my thoughts*
KalikaSaiyajin: hmm now i want to hear techno rave
peley13: *will spare you my horrible dancing*


freckles by ???

i brush against the freckles that i hated so
and life goes on and i heave a little sigh for you
it's happy the love that i once shared with you
then it disolved like it was just a sugar cube
now the little pain sitting in my heart has shrunken a bit
but it really does hurt me now
those silly horoscopes i guess i can't trust them after all

if we could get further away,
i wonder what it would be like
i'd be so happy inside my heart

all the memories i have are beautiful in my mind
but they don't feed the hunger deep inside my soul
and tonight i though i'd be just sitting in my sorrow
and now i must wonder why, what did i really mean to you
i just can't see it anymore...
i just can't see it anymore...

quote of the day: at the A&W drive thru a man said "do you guys have root beer here?"

peley got annoyed at 5:53 PM
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