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Sunday, July 18, 2004

OK time for some major updating. i could just go an fix the time and dates to make it look like i wasn't a lazy bastard and kept my journal updated, but hey lets face it, i am a lazy bastard and to change the time and dates would mean more work for me and we can't have that ^_^

where to start, where to start...

from the 25th to the 29th of may i went down to vancouver to visit candacina, it was my little vacation. we went to chinatown and stanley park ^_^ i brought along a camera to capture those precious moments ^_^ (and before anyone says anything... YES, i KNOW i need to get some sun!)

this picture was taken because i hate fish. if you're still confused about it that's because it's an inside joke and you're not meant to understand it.

Stanley park:

the only picture you get to see from stanley park.

ok, then i got home and stayed for a little while. i quite my job because they were bastards. and on the 16th of june i went back down to vancouver for my little sisters grad. you get no picture because i didn't bring a camera(i later kicked myself for my stupidity when one of my older sisters brought me to the richmond night market >_<)

i got back from that little escapade on the 20th, only to find out that there were 3 forest fires raging near town. knowing i would shortly be leaving for vancouver again, i stayed up and packed pictures and other such irreplacable items to take with me. in my free time i went around with my camera taking picture. (i wish it was a digital camera, because my scanner sucks.) since they're so big i decided to just put the link and you can go see it for yourself...

  • fire pix

  • fire pix

  • fire pix

  • fire pix

  • i will try to get some of my brothers pix as the are close up shots of the flames.

    i was down in vancouver for 2 weeks, one of them was spent at candace's ^_^

    recently there was some major flooding in edmonton, followed by some heavy hailling (in jully!! o_O)  that's where two of my sisters live. they live in a basement suite so when the weren't at work the were bailing water from their bathroom. on of them sent some picture:

    this one is my favorite, the picture on the left was taken during and the one on the right was taken after.

    --i hate andrew--

    peley got annoyed at 3:33 PM
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